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company profile

Creative Thinking. Innovative Technology.
Quality You Can Trust.
Botanical Resource Lab

We earned our place as a world leader in the cosmetics R&D
and manufacturing industry by living out our values of innovation, quality, and trust.
Using advanced technology and exceptional quality control,
we provide a wide variety of excellent services for our clients around the globe.

And we never stop striving for a better way.

Botanical Resource Lab love a challenge. Our excellent R&D capabilities and dedication to
high-quality service make us a company that will grow with our clients,
accepting challenges no one has ever faced and turning them
into opportunities for innovation and growth.

mission statement

By maximizing customer satisfaction through innovative R&D and high-quality manufacturing, Botanical Resource Lab will continue to be a leader in cosmetics development around the world. Every business decision we make and implement is based on our core values: INNOVATION, QUALITY, and TRUST. These values are poured into every safe, stable, and effective product we manufacture.


To cultivate trust in every relationship, we stand by our customers, partnering with them in every product we create. Thus, we hold our customers’ reputations for innovation, consumer safety, and product integrity as highly as we hold our own.

20 Charles Street, Northvale, NJ 07647

Located just outside New York City, we are within close reach of the many major brands based in this fashion capital of the world.

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