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A Powerful Daily Mist for Healthier LIFE

Bringing your body’s natural defenses to your skin with pure HOCl

Best Defense Solution

  • Maintains a moist wound environment

  • All-natural electrically charged oxygen water that supports your skin in many applications.

  • Non-toxic&. non-cytotoxic

  • Non-irritating

  • Non-sensitizing

  • Steroid Free

  • Antibiotic Free

  • Moisturizing& Soothing

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CellCi-Bio HOCl Mist is a safe and highly effective hypochlorous acid based solution that mimics the essence of your body’s immune system. Safe to use around the nose, mouth, and eyes without the risk of cytotoxicity.

100% pure + organic

+ Non-Toxic

Our Cellci-Bio Mist is PURE and STABLE

and Does NOT contain additional Chlorine species such as Chlorites.

soothes & clear skin 

  • Helps to achieve clear skin

  • Soothing, steady control over the healing process quickly becomes evident.

  • There is no bubbling or tingling sensation, unlike many other topically applied solutions.

  • HOCI consistently shows no adverse effects.

  • Safe for use on Children & Pregnant


skin care
  • Soothing

  • Anti-Aging

  • Razor Bumps

  • Pigmentation

  • Acne, etc.

Holding a Branch
special care
  • IPL Lasers

  • After Tatoo & Piercing

  • Sunburns

  • Diaper rash

  • Athlete's food

  • wounds, etc.

“CellCi-Bio Mist is a holy grail to my skincare routine! It really helped my skin healthier.”


“OMG! This worked in 3 days. The acne on my chin from wearing a mask cleared up and I don’t have any new breakouts. My skin is healing so well. CellCi Bio Mist is worth every penny!”

Tori, New York City

made in usa

Cellci Bio hocl mist is doctor recommended, GMP Certified, ISO Certified, and manufactured in a FDA & EPA registered facility.

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